3D Measuring

Shepherd and Kime have invested in the right equipment to help get your vehicle back on the road promptly. Our 3D measuring system is one example of technology that your vehicle loves.

Why measure your chassis in 3D?

Using modern mechanical and electronic systems to measure your vehicle’s chassis before we begin repairs gives us a starting point – it quickly tells us just how badly damaged (or not) your vehicle is. This means we know precisely what it’s going to take to return your vehicle to the manufacturer’s specifications, which keeps both you (the owner) and your insurance company happy. We re-measure in 3D when repairs are complete, confirming success.

A 3D measurement lets us see through the solid components of your vehicle and pinpoint the source of the damage, even if it can’t be seen by the naked eye. It provides precise measurements which means we can be more accurate in our repair estimate for your insurance company and get the green light to commence repairs sooner. Not every panel beater in Christchurch has this technology, but we believe they should. Your driving safety could depend on it.

A little bit of magic

Being able to accurately measure through solid objects does make us feel a bit like Professor Dumbledore. It’s a bit clever.

Meeting specifications

Our reputation rests on our ability to meet the vehicle manufacturer’s repair specifications. We take that responsibility very seriously.

Speeding up the repair

As fancy as it sounds, a 3D measure actually speeds up the repair process. Knowing what’s bent, broken, or twisted is key.