Air Conditioning

Air conditioning in your vehicle is another of those ‘hidden’ miracles – turn a switch or a dial and the cabin temperature *should* become, or remain, comfortable. Unless things have gone wrong.

We want you to be comfortable

Cars, buses, trucks, campers, tractors, earth-moving equipment – nearly every modern vehicle looks after the driver with climate control. But what happens when your vehicle is damaged in an accident or crash? Is the air conditioning and heating unit looked after so that the cabin remains comfortable for driver and passengers? Shepherd and Kime do not overlook this important piece of equipment. Be as warm or cool as you want.

It’s important that we check the air conditioning drive belt, blower motor, refrigerant system pressure, cabin filters (which removes dust and pollen from the circulating air), condenser and evaporator, heater core, gas pressure… you’ll be surprised what even a minor crash can do to systems like this. As professional panel beaters in Christchurch, we have decades of experience keeping air conditioning running. You’ll thank us for it!

What do you notice?

If you are noticing high fuel consumption, or it’s becoming difficult to cool your vehicle’s cabin, you may have a possible aircon leak.

A bit of a stink

When you turn on your vehicle’s air conditioning, is the cabin filled with a foul smell? There may be mould growing in the system.

Recommended levels

Your vehicle’s air conditioning refrigerant has manufacturer-recommended recharge levels. We know what the correct level is.