Audio Repairs

One part of your vehicle which we definitely don’t overlook during a collision repair is your audio system. It only takes a loose speaker connection or damaged head unit to offend your ears.

Upgrading your car audio

When you think “I need a panel beater in Christchurch” you don’t immediately think of your audio system. Yet in a collision your stereo’s head unit, speakers or wiring – even the aerial – can be damaged beyond repair. Because Shepherd & Kime look after your whole car, we make sure the installed audio components are returned to pre-crash condition.

Factory audio systems are much better today than they were in past but it’s rare for a car manufacturer to put too much emphasis on the quality of the amps or speakers. So, if we are already doing a repair on your vehicle, it might be the perfect time to consider installing a set of aftermarket speakers. New speakers are the easiest and most economical way to improve the music you enjoy on the road – you’ll hear a tighter bass and clearer sound.

Protect your ears

A poor-quality audio system can not only distract you from your driving, but it can damage your hearing. Look after your ears.

Add resale value

An upgraded audio system can be appealing to potential buyers of your vehicle, creating a point of different from similar cars for sale.

Whole car repairs

When we say we look after your whole vehicle, that’s exactly what we mean. Road-trip anthems or rush-hour talkback, you’ll hear it all.