Chassis Straightening

The chassis is the main support structure of your vehicle. It withstands all the stresses of driving, so it bears the brunt of the forces in a crash. It’s vital that it gets repaired properly. That’s what we do.

A skeleton beneath the surface

Your vehicle’s chassis can’t be seen, just as your bones support your body but are hidden beneath your skin. That’s why it’s impossible to tell after a collision whether or not the chassis has been damaged just by looking at it. And that’s why you bring (or your insurance company insists you bring) your vehicle to Shepherd & Kime for us to assess the actual damage. We have all the tools and equipment needed to make sure your chassis is healthy.

From small hatchbacks to vans to 4WDs, from small trucks to big trucks to campers, if you have a cracked or bent chassis in Christchurch our skilled panel beaters expertly bring it back to the manufacturer’s specifications. Chassis repairs and wheel alignments go hand in hand, so when we give you back the keys to your pride and joy, you can be assured that it is ready for the road once more, ready for you to enjoy driving, safely.

All makes and models

From the latest European, Korean, or Japanese carmakers to well-loved classics and vintage vehicles, we can straighten any chassis.

3D measuring

Check out our state-of-the-art 3D chassis measuring equipment. There’s no “she’ll be right” in our workshop – we are precise with your repair.

Everyone is happy

There’s a reason insurance companies turn to us for structural repairs for their policy holder’s cars: we’re rather good at them.