Electrical and Mechanical

It’s estimated that today’s cars are made up of around 30,000 individual parts – that’s a lot of pieces to work in harmony to make your ride both safe and comfortable. And we know them all.

Old or new, we get it running

The make, model and age of your vehicle has a lot to do with how complex your collision repair will be. For instance, your electrical system is likely to have come a long way from simply including a battery, alternator, starter and wiring for headlights and indicators. Today, your vehicle will probably feature sophisticated computer systems for the safety components (like airbags and ABS), steering, braking and dashboard instrumentation.

Yet making sure these complex systems are returned to the vehicle manufacturer’s specifications is all part of our Christchurch panel beating service. Both our workshops have the modern diagnostic equipment needed to find the source of auto electrical and mechanical problems, and our teams of skilled technicians have the experience necessary to get your modern vehicle or vintage gem or gleaming classic back on the road. All with a smile.

Central locking

Panel damage to your car, van or ute doors can disrupt the central locking or electric windows – we make sure they’re working properly.

Cruise control

Yet another example of a vehicle’s sophisticated computerised system that we need to check when your vehicle has been damaged.

Trailer plug wiring

Have you been ‘rear-ended’? Remember that your towbar and trailer wiring need to be confirmed as working safely. We don’t forget.