Glass Replacement

Because the windscreen and windows play an integral part of a vehicle’s construction, any chips or cracks can compromise the integrity of the safety envelope as well as impairing the driver’s visibility.

Keeping it crystal clear

Your vehicle’s windscreen is installed under pressure – that’s how it helps provide structural strength to the car, van or truck. The seals around the glass help absorb the forces of flexing and vibration as the vehicle travels over bumps and into the wind. Chips from stones or other objects, along with fluctuating hot and cold conditions, all serve to weaken the natural strength of the glass. Chips or cracks, or shattered glass from a crash, we are the Christchurch panel beaters who can fix or replace it all.

Plus, did you realise a chipped windshield may be classed a traffic offence? Your vehicle might have a current warrant of fitness, but a large crack could classify it as ’unroadworthy’ and you could be liable for a fine, or your vehicle insurance could void if you have an accident. You’re welcome!

Clear vision

It’s important that your windscreen and windows are free from cracks and chips so as to not impede the driver’s view of the road.

Repair or replace?

Because we keep current with all the vehicle manufacturer’s specifications, we know whether to repair or fully replace your windscreen.

Electric and manual

No matter whether your vehicle windows are electric or wound by hand, we have the parts and tools to fix and replace them. No sweat.