Graphics & Decals

This one’s for all the business vehicles we carefully repair – from phone number and website address to full custom graphic wrap, we can make your billboard-on-wheels communicate once more.

Don’t forget your sign writing!

When your company vehicle receives a bump or scrape or gets involved in an accident, your beloved sign writing is usually also damaged. And depending on the position of the damage and the type of graphics or decals that have been used, we may even need to remove a larger portion in order to repair the panel and paintwork. That means the words and logos and images need to be reapplied once the repair is complete, in a way that matches the rest of the vehicle.

This is not a process that daunts our professional Shepherd and Kime auto body team. It doesn’t matter that most vehicles are full of curves and angles, or that paintwork can be a tricky surface to get things to stick to. We have access to the latest adhesive films which can withstand harsh UV light and extreme temperatures, and still look good after countless washes and kilometres on the road. From digitally printed vehicles to simple text, we restore your car graphics.

Perforated window film

It needn’t be frustrating when a side or back window with privacy film gets replaced – we can restore the graphics as well as the glass.

Reflective sheeting

When you drive a vehicle that features reflective strips (the film that shines under lights) rest assured we can replace it, good as new.

Door handles and trim

Some custom vehicle graphics need the door handles or trim removed. That’s why we are perfect for the job when we’re fixing your ride.