It shouldn’t come as a surprise to learn that Shepherd and Kime know how to professionally groom and detail your vehicle. Even if we only repair one part of your car, we want it all to shine.

Showing your car some love

Can you imagine collecting your vehicle after a Christchurch panel beater has repaired a bump or scratch or crash, only to find that while the damage has been fixed, the shiny new panel or paintwork now stands out like a sore thumb compared with the rest of the dusty and grimy car? That’s simply not good enough. That’s why we include a thorough grooming of your vehicle before we consider our job is complete. Frankly, our customers love it.

We believe that giving your vehicle that little bit of extra care and attention is like taking flowers to someone sick in hospital – it helps you feel better about having your car or truck needing to be repaired. And it also helps to maintain your vehicle’s value: keeping your ride in good condition gets rid of the dirt, grime, spills, pollen and bug-splatter which means you’ll discover chips and dings to your chrome and paintwork before it becomes a problem.

Vacuum your car

Believe it or not, vacuuming your vehicle regularly goes a long way to protecting your investment. Your car will love you for it.

Consider floor mats

Not only do dirt and crumbs fall to the floor, but road tar, mud and even doggie-doo can come in on your shoes. Mats make it all easy to clean.

Keep it undercover

The best way to keep your car looking great is to house your vehicle in the garage or under a carport. Harsh sunshine is no friend to paintwork.