Paintless Dent Removal

It’s a frustrating feeling when you discover a dent on your vehicle’s panel work. Maybe it was from hail or a rogue shopping trolley? We are Christchurch experts in paintless dent removal.

What is paintless dent removal?

Think of paintless dent removal as a massage for your vehicle – we use specialist tools to ease the panel back into shape without the need for traditional panel beating. Our skilled team of professional panel beaters are masters at deciding which dents can be treated to a successful paintless repair: many shopping trolley impacts are prime candidates, as is the concave dent when someone sits on your boot or bonnet. Just ask us to look at your dent.

By bringing your dent to us, Christchurch’s full-service collision repair workshop, you know that if the project requires more work that the paintless dent removal option, we are perfectly placed to use traditional panel and paint repair methods to return your vehicle to the manufacturer’s specifications. And it’s not just cars, trucks and vans – we remove dents from motorbikes, caravans, camper vans, forklifts, trailers… nearly anything!

Fast dent removal

If your dent can be removed by the paintless method, it usually means we can get your vehicle back to you even swifter than usual.

Preserve paintwork

The specialist technique of paintless dent removal means your original paintwork is preserved and doesn’t need colour matching.

Being proactive

Even the smallest dent can become a problem for the panel and paintwork of your vehicle. Be proactive – we will fix it for you promptly.