Panel Beating

Collision repair, auto body repair, panel beating, paint and panel work – whatever you call it, when your vehicle has a bash or crash (big or small) in Christchurch, we can get you moving again.

Repairs with peace of mind

To be a member of the New Zealand Collision Repair Association, we’ve been assessed to have the necessary equipment to realign your vehicle to its manufacturer’s stringent specifications. This is vital so that your vehicle’s safety features work as expected if another collision was to occur. Plus, we’ve proven that we have the paint booths and extraction systems required to reinstate the finish of your vehicle. Both our workshops are fastidiously clean and tidy.

Once in a blue moon a customer might feel it necessary to question the workmanship of their repair. Because we are a member of the Collision Repair Association you have access to a quality assurance disputes procedure where disagreements can be adjudicated. Of course, our automotive technicians and administration team take great pride in the way their skilled repairs and clear communication mean these situations are very much an exception.

Prompt collision repairs

We want to get you back on the road as quickly as we can. With over fifty years of experience, we’ve got that down to a fine art.

Two Christchurch workshops

Both our Selwyn Street and Sheffield Crescent auto body shops are staffed with friendly and very experienced panel beaters.

Free loan vehicles

Don’t be inconvenienced when your vehicle is getting repaired – we will arrange a complimentary loan vehicle to keep you moving.