Rust Repairs & Proofing

Did you realise that rust is one of the reasons that your vehicle could fail a warrant of fitness? Shepherd and Kime are Christchurch’s experienced panel beaters who love eliminating rust.

And it’s not just old vehicles

Even new vehicles can suffer from a rust attack, especially since most Kiwis drive their vehicles – for work and play – in high corrosion zones. Live near the coast? Spending time at the beach? It’s not unheard of for cars and vans and utes no more than a couple of years old to be hiding the beginnings of rust spots inside the doors, under the guards or boot lid, in the sills… underbody corrosion is something to take seriously as a vehicle owner.

And of course, as specialist panel beaters, we do rust repairs for owners of vintage and classic cars as part of restorations big and small. But we’re also constantly on the lookout for patches of the pesky stuff during all our projects. We frequently recommend to drivers they take advantage of our rust-proofing processes to give greater protection to the visible and invisible steel and metal components. Talk to us about rust repairs and rustproofing.

Stop rust quick

Rust is not something you want to delay taking action on. As soon as you discover your vehicle has rust, we need to talk about repair options.

New cars aren’t immune

Vehicle manufacturers can only do so much to protect a car from rust. Every car needs to be kept away from salt air and other corrosive elements.

Inside and outside

When it comes to repairing or protecting your vehicle from rust, both underneath as well as in all the cavities, we are Christchurch’s rust-busters.