Spray Painting

 There’s a reason that panel beaters are sometimes called ‘paint and panel shops’ – not only does your car need to work properly, it needs to look good. We are automotive spray-painting specialists.

Paint is more than a shiny coat

There’s more to the paintwork of your vehicle than just looking good. It prevents structural problems by protecting the steel of the vehicle’s body. When paint gets damaged it lets water under the coat which can result in rust. If the rust spreads it can compromise the structural integrity of the vehicle – that’s why we hate seeing ‘supermarket scratches’ not getting swiftly fixed! Plus, quality paintwork helps keep the resale value of your vehicle high.

It’s a requirement of being a member of the New Zealand Collision Repair Association that we have the necessary equipment to restore the manufacturer’s original finish to your damaged vehicle: heated paint booths, dust extraction systems, paint extraction systems. Sometimes, our customers marvel at how spotless our Christchurch workshop is. The reason? You can’t do a first-class paint job in a dirty, dusty environment. So, we keep it clean.

State-of-the-art gear

We don’t have to pass on our paint jobs to other panel shops – we have all the spray booths and equipment we need right here.

Good looks and safety

The manufacturer of your vehicle is very specific about how we are to reinstate it after a collision, so we are very specific painting it.

Happy insurers

When a car, truck or motorhome is repaired, the insurer wants to reinsure it. Our panel and paintwork get their seal of approval.