Accidents and crashes never happen in a convenient location. If your vehicle needs repairing but you can’t drive it to either of our Christchurch panel shops, we can arrange towing for you.

Christchurch vehicle recovery

It doesn’t matter what size your vehicle is – compact car or caravan, motorbike or mobile home – we have towing professionals on hand, ready to bring it safely to our nearest Christchurch workshop. And the type of truck or trailer unit we need to use depends on the size and weight of your vehicle, along with whether your vehicle has been damaged and if it can still be driven or is immobile. Don’t fret about getting your vehicle to us – we can arrange it all for you.

If you’ve been involved in an accident, then chances are you will need a slide deck truck, one which winches your vehicle onto a flatbed so your vehicle travels off the ground. Sometimes, and this is why we need a good description of the extent of the damage, a hook truck can be a useful option. Also called a cradle truck, this lifts just two of your wheels off the ground and tows your vehicle behind it. We have all the breakdown and recovery options.

More than cars

Even if you need panel and paint work on your forklift, roller, digger, bobcat, quad bike or tractor, we have the ideal towing option.

Vintage and classic

When you’ve been working on your pride and joy and it’s ready for panel and paint (but it’s not yet roadworthy) we’ll collect it.

Trailers of all sizes

How do you transport a damaged trailer? Leave that up to us! Taking the hassle out of collision repairs is what we do every day.