Wheel Alignment & Balancing

What’s the point of having a vehicle that looks panel and paints perfect if it doesn’t drive very well? Wheel alignment and balance make sure that your wheels are doing their job properly.

Extend the life of your tyres

We have some pretty fancy pieces of equipment that accurately identify how best to balance your wheels, tyres and valves. We make sure the wheel angles are perpendicular to the ground and parallel to each other. This minimises tyre bounce, improves traction, improves steering control and actually extends the life of the tyres. Even if your car has had a minor bump, Shepherd and Kime can make sure your wheels are aligned and balanced.

You will likely feel incorrect wheel balance – vibrations will shake the vehicle at a range of speeds and be felt through the steering wheel, dashboard, seats, or floor. The misalignment not only causes premature wear of your tyres, but it can result in mechanical stress to the vehicle’s steering, drive, and suspension components. This all negatively impacts the handling, performance, and overall safety of your vehicle. And at that point, it can be a rather costly problem to fix.

Balance them all

It makes sense, for a comfortable drive and sustained tyre and vehicle performance, that all four of your wheels are aligned and balanced at the same time.

Stability controls?

Every vehicle manufacturer has different specifications for repairing their dynamic stability controls or SAS (steering angle sensors). We know those specs.


Today’s front-, rear- and all-wheel drive vehicles have suspension systems which require precise wheel alignments. We have the equipment for the job.